• Please bow upon entering and leaving the training room. Bowing is the customary greeting in oriental culture the way a handshake is to us. It is also a sign of respect. It is NOT a bow of worship, and has no religious significance!!
  • Please address your instructor as SENSEI.
  • Please be on time. Students should try to arrive 10 minutes before the start of class to warm up. If you are late, please prepare yourself to enter class and wait for Sensei to allow you to join class.
  • Please do not use any bags, blockers, or other equipment without Sensei’s permission. Safety is our first consideration.
  • Please do not chew gum, eat, or bring food into the training room. Water is the only acceptable beverage you can bring.
  • Give 100% effort and hold yourself to high standards in every class. Your classmates are counting on you.
  • Please remove watches or jewelry during workouts, and keep your fingernails and toenails cut short. Long nails and jewelry are dangerous to your fellow students.
  • Please help keep the training room clean and orderly. Be sure to keep your shoes and clothes away from the door and away from the training area.
  • Demonstrate a BLACK BELT attitude at all times!!!!
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